What crane size should we use?

Great question. Usually the longest length of the crane isn’t necessary
to get the shot needed. Some lengths allow for quicker arm movements than others
depending on how much counterbalance weight is needed. A heavier arm needs a bit
more time to start and stop swinging. We’re happy to discuss with youwhat you’re looking
for and the best way to achieve it. Give us a call!


Can the jib take a telepromter?

Sure. Most prompter folks have the right setup for a jib to handle. We’d be happy to speak
with them to make sure.

How long does the jib take to build?

The arm takes an average of 1 hour to build. For the longer lengths an hour and a half to
two hours is required. Feel free to give us a call and discuss your situation for the most
accurate time frame.


What platform size does your jib need?

If you look at the chart above, you’ll see platform size requirements for each jib length.
Most often times we don’t need a platform. Usually this comes into play on multi-camera
shoots where the jib needs to have freedom to swing above the heads of other cameras.
If your shoot needs a platform please note that these sizes aren’t flexible. Please call us
with any questions.


Which cameras can you mount to the jib?

The Jimmy Jib Triangle can mount any camera up to 50 lbs. This covers almost all cameras
out on the market with a few rare exceptions. If you're unsure, give us a ring.

Can your jib go onto dolly track?

AKA - The poormans techno-crane. There are two options. We have an adaptor that will
allow the jib to mount to a Chapman or JL Fisher dolly or we have our dolly and dolly track
available for an extra charge.

Are your prices negotiable?

Absolutely. We are willing to work with your budget. The rates listed here are a starting point and we can book weeks ahead of time for those rates. The more flexible you can be, the more flexible we can be. When we come to an agreement we expect it to be kept. If things change, the rate might change as well. For days longer than 12 hours, a hotel room and dinner might be required depending on location. We feel that’s fair.

How do you transport your jib?
Locally, the jib comes in our cargo van along with our 1-ton grip andlighting package. We don’t charge for mileage for the first 50 miles per day. After that it’s .50/mile.
For non-local shoots the jib can either be driven by us for a day rate and mileage, loaded on your truck, or flown. If it is by plane, often times it’s cheaper to by weights at the destination. In the chart above you can see the average weight needed for counterbalance. We’ll happily assist you in finding weights at the destination. Just give us a call.





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